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When I began blogging back in 2004, it was simply a new platform of expression. It became a community of people who wrote well and formed a mutual admiration society. Over the last 11 years, blogging has evolved into a full fledged profession. Plenty of people I know are blogging full time and making good money out of it. When I saw this trend emerge around me, I was a bit confused as to how they were doing it. After all, I had been blogging close to a decade! A little bit of research and a little bit of networking revealed that the two main revenue streams are collaboration with brands and affiliate marketing. AdSense pays too, but only once your hits are very high. Direct collaboration with brands is not easy. You have to be well connected and have to be popular as well for such assignments. So how does a blogger who is just starting out make money from blogging? That is where a platform like Blogmint steps in.

How Does Blogmint Work?


Blogmint is an Indian company that brings together brands and bloggers across South East Asia. As a blogger, you have to register and provide details like your average monthly pageviews and a demographic of your audience. If you use Google Analytics, you can pick the metrics from there. You can also add your social media links. Blogmint supports Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The good part about it is that you can easily integrate your blog with them be it Self Hosted, WordPress or Blogger. Once you have signed up, the Blogmint team reviews your application and approves it.

Collaboration with Brands

Brands create campaigns on blogmint and list down the expectations from the bloggers in the description. The timelines for the campaign are added too. As a blogger, you can browse through all campaigns and apply to participate in the active ones. Some campaigns are fixed price where the brand decides the payment per post whereas others are negotiable. You can quote your price on such campaigns. The brand can either accept your application or negotiate further. Do remember here that 20% of your quoted price is Blogmint’s commission.


Once you have written your blog post, you share the draft on Blogmint with the brand. They verify it for accuracy and revert to you. My experience here has been that most brands do not interfere with the content of the post. They only correct mistakes in the brand names, reference etc. Some times, they have you add hyperlinks too. Upon approval of the post, you publish the post on your blog. For every post, Blogmint generates a unique link that allows them to monitor the performance of the post. Bloggers are asked to embed that link in all the Blogmint posts.


A few weeks after your post goes live, Blogmint pays you for the post via NEFT. The transactions mostly happen on Fridays. You are required to share your Bank details and PAN on your profile. In case that information is missing, one of the team members contacts you via email

My Experience with Blogmint

I signed up with Blogmint pretty early on and have been a part of their campaigns for more than a year now. In 2015, most of the money I made was from Blogmint. It was enough to pay for my hosting costs as well as fund my Fab Bag and Envy Box subscriptions. The team at blogmint is quite nice and earnest. They did have their teething issues like any start up would, but have improved the platform tremendously over time. So, if you are a blogger looking to make some money from your blog, do sign up on Blogmint.

3 thoughts on “Monetising Your Blog via Blogmint”

  1. With all due respect to the article, do you know Blogmint has not been approving any ‘requests-for-post’ from most of the prominent bloggers?
    The reason – such bloggers ask for a decent price, which Blogmint can’t give. Instead, they are approving requests of novice bloggers who charge like Rs 500 for a post (or maybe a bit more)!

    So, i would say it is the worst platform for Bloggers. Compare it to Indiblogger, that pays you what you deserve!

    Many people like me have even stopped going to Blogmint platform.

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