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laptop and Glasses

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My new laptop conked off on Friday afternoon and I just got a replacement. Was without the laptop for the whole weekend! While I still used my iPad to catch up on mails and stuff, there was a fair bit of online activity – mainly for the little one’s birthday that was not done. I actually had withdrawal symptoms on Sunday evening. The upside of it all is that a lot of household chores got done 😛 Maybe I should go laptop free one weekend every month?


laptop and Glasses


What do you think about a virtual blackout for two days in a row? Can you survive it?

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27 thoughts on “No Laptop #MicroblogMondays #MondayMusings”

  1. I don’t have ‘No laptop’ days but I do have ‘no social media’ days, weeks even. I deactivate my Facebook account every month and it is a refreshing change of pace 🙂

  2. Just going lapt…(I’m sorry, I get tongue-tied using that term – there’s a reason, but I’ve already written a long paragraph on it – and there’s no point repeating myself. Let me try again.)
    Just going mobile-computer-free won’t help. I’ve tried it. There are other peace-guzzlers around. The tablet and the phone, for instance. Do you really have it in you to tear yourself away completely from your virtual lifeline? I bow to you ma’am, if you can achieve temporary cyber nirvana in this cyber age.

  3. Taking a break from virtual life is really a good idea.It helps us to connect to the other beautiful world like hearing chirping sound of birds, seeing flight of the butterflies etc.It is sure to refresh us and gives a calm mind.
    Sriram & Krithiga

    1. Hey Sri & Kri, I completely agree that we need to take a break from virtual life… how often is dependent on us! And I would rather plan such a break rather than have it thrust on me…!

  4. Well, I will get withdrawal symptoms for sure or maybe not
    Last week being hospitalized I was as far away as I could be from the virtual world and honestly I didn’t miss it as much..So, a virtual world blackout every once in a while doesn’t seem so bad..

  5. My work can’t survive though I can 🙂 I like leaving the laptop behind for a few days, but only if I’ve worked ahead and planned for the break. If not, I feel anxious at everything piling up.

    1. Yes. A voluntary break has the capability to do that. An enforced break like the one I had only adds to the stress!! Still reeling from the effects of it actually …

  6. Laptop free for one weekend a month? Voluntarily? That’s just crazy talk!

    And yes, I would probably be a good idea – I just don’t know if my willpower is strong enough… *grin*

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