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Overreaction or Genuine Rage? #MicroblogMondays #MondayMusings

This morning I was wondering about what to write for my regular Monday post. I had no life updates to give, have been incessantly talking beauty for the last week and have reviewed the books I read too. Suman Kher solved that problem for me when she shared this tweet.. Do you look pretty in your …

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What to Wear to Work – Friday Dressing in India

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Friday Dressing is a Western concept. Organisations that have a formal dress code require their employees to wear suits, dress pants, button down shirts and conservative ties. The colours and fabrics are restricted too. I read on that less than 9% office goers in the west dress in this sort of attire anymore. In India for …

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AtoZ Blogging Challenge – W for Women at Work

For the past few decades, women have been achieving more and more in the corporate world. We hear of women CEOs and don’t bat an eyelid. For several organisations, being led by a woman becomes a statement to be made in their favour. There is no doubt that are tremendous opportunities for women today. However, …

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