AtoZ Blogging Challenge – R for Resume

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One of the first things you will do when you decide to have a career will be to write out a Resume or a CV. In the recruitment world, people use the terms Bio Data, Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Resume interchangeably. However, there is a clear difference between the three. A bio data starts out with personal information like date and place of birth, marital status etc. Then goes on to elaborate education and then experience in great detail. It is a descriptive essay really of who you are and what you have done. A CV is shorter than a bio data and may last four to five pages. It focuses on educational accomplishment and talents of the individual, spelled out in chronological order. A CV is a way to showcase the personality of the individual. A Resume is a quick one or two page summary focusing on skills and relevant work experience. What would you need then? In the modern corporate world, one would need both a CV and Resumes as and when the need arises.

AtoZ Blogging Challenge – R for Resume

  1. The one think about Resume is that you must always have one handy! An updated resume that lists your achievements and experience is something you may need not just if you are looking out for a job but also for certain opportunities in the company. If you are in consulting, clients ask for the resume of the people who would be working on the project.
  2. Writing a resume needs focus. You could be a king or queen of multi tasking but do not utilise that skill while writing your resume. Think carefully about what you want to project. It is your personal advertisement and you are building your own brand. You have to be convincing and yet not oversell it. Try and achieve a balance.
  3. Your resume has to be relevant when applying to a job position. We all remember that Indian advertisement for a cement brand that has a bikini clad girl emerge from the sea and mention the name of the cement. Don’t we? How many times has that ad found its way into conversations with people wondering how it fits in? It has fantastic recall value but in a mocking way. Is that what you want with your resume? No I hope! Then make it relevant. If you are going for a change of career, focus on yourself as an individual and how your talent fits in.
  4. Finally, ensure that the resume is grammatically correct and has no spelling errors. Use the internet, use spell check and if necessary, have someone look over and proof read it for you. You don’t need flowery language and big words. Just regularly written with no errors will have a much better impact!

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