I have been with my husband for Two Thousand Five Hundred and Ninety Four days now. That’s a little over seven years 🙂 And yet, I can count on my fingers the days we felt truly together. These are precious days. These are days that are etched in my memory for being special and for making …

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Yes or No: Is My Choice

Sex in itself is a Taboo in India… not only talking, but even doing it! There is a certain level of shame or embarrassment associated with it. Its ironic that this does not stop our population from exploding, but that is a topic for another day. Today, I want to say that if we call …

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Valentine’s Day

I know I am late, but then… this is my blog and if I want to write about Valentine’s in August… I should be allowed to… and in this case, I am just 4 days late. Reason: being sick 🙁 I was resting most of Saturday and Sunday and my facebook feed was full of …

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