The Grey Harmony

On a work related road trip, I crossed a Creek Bridge yesterday. These are my thoughts from that moment…
The first light of the day is falling on the earth and in this soft illumination the water and the sky were the same colour.  The exact same colour. A cool peaceful grey. Soft and almost radiant. The horizon is a slightly dark smudged line. Almost as if the sky and the sea did not want to meet and were dancing around each other. Somewhere far away I imagined a ship breaking out of that soft fog and gliding along gracefully.  But here at the creak, it was a shallow tide. The water sat so close to the sea bed that one could have walked on it. I see several tiny boats that are resting on the mud waiting for the tide to rise. They are all facing inward into the Creek. .. As if egging the water on to reach them quickly. The gentle waves are but far away and seem in no particular hurry to get to the boats. There are a lot of high transmission wire towers in the Creek standing on tall cylinders of grey cement.  In the light of the day these man made structures stand out in the sea scape often a sore point in the view.  But today they seem to blend in. Grouped haphazardly like kids jumping puddles on a water filled playground, they break the monotony of the light grey and give the scene a lovely feel… one of man and nature in harmony”
I wish I had a picture to show you guys… my pictures from that 3 minute crossing are just a speeding blur. Hope my words have painted a picture though!!!


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