Whisper Ultra Clean Review


I do a lot of reviews on this blog. Beauty products, subscription boxes, books and heck… I have even reviewed a laundry service. I would never buy a lipstick without reading a review and yet when it comes to something like a sanitary pad, I have never bothered looking for a review online. Out of curiosity, I googled Whisper Review and guess what, the first page showed reviews of a 2007 film and an app both of which are called whisper. In fact it was only on page 10 that the first Whisper sanitary napkin made an appearance. If that does not speak volumes about the state of Period conversations, then what does?

I have come from the age when buying sanitary pads from the medical stores was a task in itself. I would wait till the counter was empty and then say “whisper” in a small voice. The guy would go in and bring out a newspaper wrapped packet which I would carry back home. I learned much later that whisper came in many different sizes and later would ask for the specific ones I wanted. Having been lived through these times, I can imagine the confusion of not knowing the different variants and the features of a product. So, when I got a chance to review the new Whisper Ultra Clean, I agreed without batting an eyelid.


The new Whisper Ultra Clean is supposed to give you 5 times better protection and last 5 times longer than the ordinary pad. It has some pretty cool features like –

  1. One thousand suction holes in the top sheet for faster and better absorption.
  2. Magic Gel crystals that offer better dryness
  3. Odour Lock that gives off a pleasant scent for a fresh feeling
  4. Extra length for lasting much longer
  5. Softer top sheet for added comfort and no itchiness

When I tried the new Whisper Ultra clean I realised that it does absorb faster. A pad lasted marginally longer than the previous whisper ultra pads that I have used. I suppose an extra hour of two of wear when you are out of home make a big difference to the staining. The top sheet was definitely comfortable, but it was prone to excessive drying. The pad length worked well for the daytime and I was not worried about staining my clothes at work as well.

Overall, I felt that the new whisper ultra clean is an improvement over the previous pads and I would happily switch over to it 🙂


You can try the product for yourself by registering here.


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