Why Social Listening is Important for Customer Service

Social Listening for Customer Service

This happened to me yesterday. It incident reinforced the power of social media in my husband’s mind (I need no reinforcing) and pointed out the importance social listening or Social Media Monitoring Tools for all businesses big and small. It is a must for all organisations who care about customer loyalty!

Social Listening for Customer Service

Those of you who follow me on twitter probably read this tweet yesterday evening. For those who did not, I get it… it must have drowned in the sea of tweets!

Faasos is an Indian fast food chain that home delivers. They have decent wraps and I was trying to order a promotional combo from their site. We had spent more than 30 minutes trying to order stuff and the cart would keep getting blanked out. Finally, hubby gave up and I posted the tweet. I had a reply from them within a minute. They asked me to DM my contact number so someone could call me. I did and I was called in the next two minutes. A guy called Kshitij heard me out. He was apologetic about the issue and quite polite. He told me that the promotion was an app only promo and I could download the app on my mobile and avail it. He said they were aware that this was showing up on the site and causing issues. Also told me that they were trying to fix it.

What I liked was that he was not defensive at all. He stated it as it is and told me the way forward. He even DM’ed the link of the apps to me. I placed the order using my cell phone (was quite easy, actually) and within half an hour, I was happily enjoying the wraps!

This morning, I put up another tweet…

We had given up on the site and probably would not have tried ordering again. But the customer service team and the social media team saved the day and have retained a customer!

[Tweet “#SocialListening is very important for businesses of all shapes and sizes!”]

Social Listening is the buzzword these days! To know what the customers are writing and what the potential customers are reading. To utilise opportunities like the one above and convert and irate customer to a positive influencer. To try and ensure that when someone searches for you online, the zero moment of truth is a happy one.

Any business that is not seizing this opportunity is losing out big time. They are letting competition swoop in and tell your customers – come to us, we serve better.

What do you think about this?


Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)