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#AtoZChallenge : Issac Newton Quote

#AtoZChallenge : Issac Newton Quote

Today’s authour is Issac Newton. The Issac Newton quote I have chosen is

Issac Newton Quote
AtoZChallenge – Issac Newton Quote

In literal terms, our cities are full of walls… the walls make houses, offices, clubs and their boundaries. The bridges, they are complex to build, need time and money and hence we have only few of them; on need basis. One cannot deny though that once a bridge is built, it makes things incredible simple. Bridges over water connect two land masses, across the road help people go over to the other side, over a traffic signal, help continue without a break in your journey.

In not so literal terms, we build walls around ourselves, our emotions, our hearts. Only a few people are let in via bridges and that too with trepidation. When anyone of these lets us down, the walls become higher and bridges come under strain. Isn’t that true?

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