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Lifestyle Women January 14, 2016

Whisper Ultra Clean Review


I do a lot of reviews on this blog. Beauty products, subscription boxes, books and heck… I have even reviewed a laundry service. I would never buy a lipstick without reading a review and yet when it comes to something like a sanitary pad, I have never bothered looking for a review online. Out of curiosity, I googled Whisper Review and guess what, the first page showed reviews of a 2007 film and an app both of which are called whisper.…

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Women September 14, 2015

Overreaction or Genuine Rage? #MicroblogMondays #MondayMusings

This morning I was wondering about what to write for my regular Monday post. I had no life updates to give, have been incessantly talking beauty for the last week and have reviewed the books I read too. Suman Kher solved that problem for me when she shared this tweet.. Do you look pretty in your #Linkedin photo? Think again: — Suman Kher (@Suman_Kher) September 14, 2015 It has started a debate that is still going on in our twitter…

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Food Women July 10, 2015

Honey Diet – A Healthy Option #HoneyDietIsHere

Honey Diet

Last year I was in my US office and met a colleague for the first time. We had worked together for a while now but had never met. On the last day of my visit, I had 6 hours to kill before my late night flight. She offered to take me shopping to Macy’s. I was reluctant coz I knew she had two little daughters – aged 4 and 6. “What about your daughters?”, I asked her. “Oh my eldest…

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