Drape A Smile – A JAMM’s Social Initiative

JAMM’s now brings Drape A Smile – their fifth Social Initiative. After Step Up and iLight, they are now collecting 910 saris to commemorate the 910 days that JAMM’s network has been in existence. I am sure that like me, you too have some saris tucked in to the back of your closet or under your bed that are rarely ever used. We don’t wear saris all that much these days and then there are those saris which were gifted to us and not quite our style, or we have newer, trendier ones to sport on those rare occassions that we

#KarwaChauth… Regression or Choice?

From the last few years Indian social media and even mainstream media sometimes goes crazy every October. The reason… the big KC. KarwaChauth…. Those who call it regressive, do not understand that celebrating festivals and observing fasts is about the sentiment and the gesture. All festivals are symbolic then why the big hullabaloo for KarwaChauth alone? Why do people light lamps, keep doors open and pray to Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali? Are you really expecting a gold laden woman in a red saree to walk in and suddenly eleviate your financial burdens or elevate your financial status? Why do they

Whisper Ultra Clean Review

I do a lot of reviews on this blog. Beauty products, subscription boxes, books and heck… I have even reviewed a laundry service. I would never buy a lipstick without reading a review and yet when it comes to something like a sanitary pad, I have never bothered looking for a review online. Out of curiosity, I googled Whisper Review and guess what, the first page showed reviews of a 2007 film and an app both of which are called whisper. In fact it was only on page 10 that the first Whisper sanitary napkin made an appearance. If that does

Overreaction or Genuine Rage? #MicroblogMondays #MondayMusings

This morning I was wondering about what to write for my regular Monday post. I had no life updates to give, have been incessantly talking beauty for the last week and have reviewed the books I read too. Suman Kher solved that problem for me when she shared this tweet.. Do you look pretty in your #Linkedin photo? Think again: pic.twitter.com/IJYuPvUwka — Suman Kher (@Suman_Kher) September 14, 2015 It has started a debate that is still going on in our twitter group. My first reaction after reading this tweet was Really? Even #LinkedIn? As inappropriate as going to a funeral to