Honey Diet – A Healthy Option #HoneyDietIsHere

Last year I was in my US office and met a colleague for the first time. We had worked together for a while now but had never met. On the last day of my visit, I had 6 hours to kill before my late night flight. She offered to take me shopping to Macy’s. I was reluctant coz I knew she had two little daughters – aged 4 and 6. “What about your daughters?”, I asked her. “Oh my eldest one is home from her college break. She can take them to soccer class. I will call and tell her”,

How to Style Psychedelic Print Tops

Psychedelic prints have always fascinated me. Bursts of bright colours in random prints. What’s not to love? I picked this kurta online and loved it from the word go! It is bright, it is light and extremely comfortable as a summer wear. If you are one of those who gets quickly bored with pastels in summer, a multi colour mul kurta like this is a great option. Style Psychedelic Prints Tops with Solid Colour Bottoms Here I have paired them with plain black leggings. I also tried to pick a colour off the print and pair with it with a

My Tryst with Stylish Tops

Being plus sized, I have found that my clothing choices are limited. I always start shopping by asking the question, “What do you have in my size?” While Indian wear is fine, I have never been very happy with the western wear options. Up until a few years ago, the only options available to me were tee shirts and button downs. So I was wearing either boyfriend tees or too large button downs. What I wanted were cute, well fitted tops and tunics which were just not there!! Back then, I remember seeing shows like What Not to wear and

Sexist Messages: Why they are damaging

Some time back, I had attended a workshop organised at work. It was meant to help a bunch of women find their voice and open up their minds. One of my take away points was about self respect and another was how we continuously use sexist messages and the sub conscious conditioning they provide. The above signpost in Himachal Pradesh is an excellent example of that. The direct role allocation here is that Women Gossip. Men Drive Do you find such sexist messages offensive? I do. For the sole reason that even laced in humor, they reinforce the regressive conditioning we