Being a Little Fashionista on a Budget

My 6-year-old daughter is a little fashionista. On a normal day, even if she is going to the park to play she spends ten minutes picking out her outfit, ten minutes of getting ready and another ten to do her hair. I was glad when her play school ended because BIG school meant a uniform and no daily morning struggle for the outfit of the day. It was a struggle. I kid you not. From a child’s perspective, the clothes have to be fun and bright. From a parent’s perspective, the clothes have to be weather and activity appropriate. Finding that balance is a tough task indeed for me.

Add to that, the growth spurts! OMG, the growth spurts. Yes, it is great that the child is developing but suddenly, all the clothes that would fit them have become too short and too tight. I feel I never rest easy with my daughter’s wardrobe. I am constantly looking for pieces that fill a gap in her current wardrobe because she has outgrown something. I remember a coat I picked for her from Big Bazaar many years ago when we lived in Delhi. Though a few sizes too big for her, I picked it because I fell in love with it. How could I not? It was a gorgeous pastel floral coat in pink with white fur trimmings. The inside was pink and fleece lined making it really warm.

It looked stunning on her but she must have worn it just four times in a single winter season. Before that, it was too big for her and after that, it was too small. I have not had the courage to give it away to anyone and am holding on to it still! A little piece of my heart broke when I tucked away this into the has-beens. Does that not happen to you too? Does a little bit of your heart not die too when you have to out away adorable clothes because the kid outgrows them without getting enough wear out of them? Replenishing them can be an uphill task and can also break the bank. Why do I say that? Because kids’ clothes can be expensive! I am not even talking about luxury brands or special occasion clothes here. I am talking everyday basics.

I was glad when I discovered FBB kid’s range. The first thing that surprised me was that they had a wide range of outfits going from loungewear to party ready across all ages. I have lost count of the number of times I went for a grocery run and came back with clothes for my daughter. Such a Rebecca Bloomwood moment it was when I went to buy dal and rice but came back with a coat for my daughter! All those who got the reference, please comment below and tell me if you like Rebecca Bloomwood. I have a love-hate relationship with her and cannot figure out if I should go aww or shake some sense into her! But yeah, I do what she does… I but clothes on grocery runs. It is just convenient you see. The best thing about the FBB clothes is the entire range is affordable and still does not compromise on quality. Little wonder then, that I have been dressing her in those threads since she was little!

What about you guys? How do you manage your kid’s wardrobes?

Note: This is a sponsored post which means that the brand is remunerating me to write about them. The views expressed are my own though. This particular brand, I really like for everyday wear. Why else would I be dressing my kid in the clothes since she was small? As for the pictures, I am 99% sure these outfits are from the brand 🙂 There is a 1% room for error… even for a mom… right?


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