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We took Kuhu to a garden yesterday. Spring is nearly here, the flowers are in bloom and I wanted some pictures of Kuhu outside home. Thank God, the whether did not play spoilsport 🙂 It was clear and sunny and not too breezy. She enjoyed her day out and I had a field day clicking pics of her and of all the flowers. I was like a kid in a candy shop! Hubby played along, even though his leg gave him trouble. And then, when we were sitting down, two girls doing a promotion of red bull approached us. They handed us a can of red bull to try. Gosh it tasted like cough syrup!! But it did give a burst of energy…And later, I thought about how happy I was while clicking the pics… some of them are mighty good if I may say so… that reminds me, i haven’t shared any of my pics on this blog…hmmm… maybe i will… my blogging has been so random off late that I just can not categorise it. When I started blogging, only 2-3 ppl who I knew in real life knew about this blog. Some of them were regular readers, others were not. But as the social media exploded, almost all the ppl I know have an access to this blog. That includes my parents, my husband, my relatives, my colleagues.. even my boss! Back then, I could use this space to rant and vent out stuff but now, the fact that anyone will read it is always at the back of my mind. I watch my word now, lest I say something that is misunderstood or hurtful. Do you guys face this dilemma?

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