Review: Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo

I have used a lot of Biotique products when I was younger. Morning Nectar Lotion, Green Apple Shampoo, Apricot Body Wash (My first ever bodywash!) and Orange Peel Soap are few that I vividly recollect. For me, they were a hit and miss. I loved the Apricot wash and Orange soap but the shampoo was too drying on my air and morning nectar too heavy for my combination oily skin. But, the apple shampoo worked wonders on my mom’s hair and she loved the nectar. She hated the body wash because it was too sticky and not easy to get off. Since beauty blogs (or even blogs in general) were non existent in those days, I had no one to compare notes with. I would put Biotique as a Hit and Miss. What works for you, does wonders. What does not, is a complete disaster. And so, I ventured away from this range.

Last year, my mum tried some of these again and I happened to be there when she got the Walnut Bark Shampoo. Curious Cat that I am, I gave it a try.

What Biotique Claims
This rich, body-building formula is a blend of pure walnut bark, musk root, amla, soap nut and black malya flowers, to thoroughly cleanse, and revive hair for a fuller, thicker, lifted look.
What I Think

First of all, this is not rich at all. It is a rather runny consistency. Now if they meant rich in terms of ingredients, I am not sure…. they seem pretty standard except for the waltnut bark. Check out the consistency

That said, it cleanses very well. You get that squeaky clean feeling after every wash. So much so that it strips the oils off them leaving them more and more dry everytime 🙁

It does not fall flat on the fuller thicker claim but is not a superstar in that department either. It gives a decent bounce and volume.

What it Costs
It costs INR 159 for a 210ml bottle. The quantity needed for a single was is much lesses than your regular drugstore shampoos like Pantene and Dove. See the pic above? That was enough for my just below the shoulder hair. I’d need double of that for Dove that I use currently. So, this bottle will last quite a while. I’d peg it down as an economical product.

The Good 

  1. It cleanses very well. If you spend a lot of time outdoors and are feeling all yucky, this is the product to reach for
  2. A little goes a long way
  3. Gives a good volume to the hair
The Bad
  1. Entire product list is missing
  2. Contains SLS
  3. Provides absolutely no conditioning. You need a separate conditioner

The Ugly

  1. It is too drying and can not be used as a regular cleanser
Final Rating

5 thoughts on “Review: Biotique Walnut Bark Shampoo”

  1. I have tried a number of biotique products and liked only the Morning Nectar moisturiser and the Bio Saffron Dew skin cream. Shampoos are too drying and without a conditioner disastrous!

  2. @ Bidisha, I used to swear by Head & Shoulders. While it is the best for fighting dandruff, it is very strong and just spoils the texture of your hair. If you have dry hair, please don’t use it. My husband used Clear recently and he is very happy with it. Though it dries his hair, conditioner and regular oiling resolves the problem.

    I haven’t tried and TBS shampoo but I believe they are quite good. My experience with Biotique and FabIndia was that it washes the dandruff away but does not eliminate it completely. Hope this helps…

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)