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Hi guys, December is the time for office parties Galore! While party is the time for fun, office parties need us to observe unspoken decorum. Albeit that depends on the environment of the party. I for one always feel that office parties are not the place to adorn your best club wear. But, I don’t want to be the frumpy granny either. So, my unspoken party attire and look consists of:


  1. Simple Dark wash jeans or formal trousers based on the casual or formal nature of the party
  2. A chic top. Now this is where I prefer to add a bit of jazz. Nothing cleavage revealing or too body hugging. But slightly blingy, shiny stuff is good 🙂
  3. One eye catching accessory. My favorite is a nice bag. Be it a quilted leather evening bag or studded clutch, it stands out well. Next on my list is a statement necklace. This is specially good if you have a casual party. You can add a chunky bold necklace to your regular office outfit if you don’t have time to change and viola, new look! I avoid large earrings because they hurt like crazy and get tangled in my hair while dancing. But if they are your forte, go for it
  4. Heels! The quirkier, the better! I swap my office pumps / sandals for some killer heels…
  5. Finally, I like simple makeup. I don’t do eye shadow much so the only thing I prefer is a plain wash of neutral shadow and maybe some eyeliner. I have gone bare eyed to one of the events too… 🙂 I mattify my skin because be certain you’ll sweat at a party. The booze, the dancing…. it will take its toll 🙂 And top it off with a slight blush and lipstick or gloss. That’s all!
  6. Hairstyle. If I have a haircut due, I time it a day before the party. That ways, I have salon hair 😉 Else, I tame them using a blow dry or curl twist them myself. Anything to just differentiate from an everyday office look…
Look 1: I am wearing a pale gold Qi Pao (yes, it is from China) and plain dark wash jeans. Sorry about the weird outfit pic. It is the only pic from that night where my entire attire is visible. I paired this with Gold stilettos and a wooden cuff. Since my top was blingy, I wore no other accessories and very light makeup. Oh and I got my hair cut and styled the morning on my way to work 😉 You can see that I am bare eyed here. Just wore my Lakme Triple Compact as a foundation and Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick in Brick. No other makeup.



Look 2: I am wearing a silk embroidered top with a matching sheer jacket here. This one is again from China (hubby spoiled me during his travels) I paired it with Black dress trousers, maroon leather booties and a purple quilted clutch from Rocky S. Maekup consisted of Colorbar creme foundation, i-glide in blackout of upper lashline and Lakme 9 to 5 lippie in Mauve Latte topped by Revlon Lipgloss in Bright Pink (don’t remember the shade now)
So, what are your office party looks?

10 thoughts on “Office Party Looks”

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  2. @ Zara, yeah.. I love it too… i know you are a blush fan (or THE blush fan) but I often skip blush…

    he is a total sweetheart… tell ur hubby to get a size bigger than whatever he thinks fit you. You can always get it taken in 🙂 he’ll eventually get your size right! Shopping for me is easy though… just get the largest one available! 😉

  3. Oooh! i luv the chinese luks so chic! and perfect for a party…m lovin it…m also a big fan of the natural look…but always add a bit of splash with blush…m obsessed bout them as u well kno 😉 😉

    ur hubby is so sweet to get u so much…whenever my hubs goes out and gets me clothng its always a sizer smaller… 🙁 🙁 makes me feel too bigggg!!!! Ank! Waaahhhh?!!

  4. nice looks Anks! Your footwear choice sounds great, too bad I can’t see them both properly here, would love to see a clearer pic of just the booties and the stilettos if you have any.

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