Weekly Photo Challenge – The Inn Keeper’s Daughter #OffSeason

It was December 2012 and we were in the town of Pelling in Sikkim. Just a day to go doe new year’s eve and the small hotel we were in was surprisingly empty. The manager of the hotel brought his little girl to work with him. She had the entire staff running about. What an advantage of the tourist Off Season 🙂   In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Off-Season.”  

Finding Happiness

For a long time now, I have associated happiness with smaller things in life. Simple, everyday things that would make me happy every single day. I have written What makes me happy post before as well. Actually, two of them. Here is another What makes you happy post. While the actual points may be different, there is a common flavour running through them. And that being, a lot of these are small things. Needless to say, my daughter would regularly feature in these! Even though I am sometimes fed up of her antics, she is the greatest joy in my life.