5 Must Have Accessories for Working Mothers

If like me, you are a working mum then chances are you are always short on time. Between professional commitments, household demands and caring for the baby the thing that often gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list is me time and caring for our own appearance. The lazy shopping weekends make way for playdates and mothers often learn to speed shop. Also, trendy makes way for comfortable and practical. Now if you are like me then shopping for clothes can be a challenge. I have a classic chic taste in clothes. I might experiment sometimes but keep going

How to Beat Monsoon Blues like a Fashionista

I had a few thoughts on how to beat the monsoon blues like a fashionista. I jotted them down and was quite happy with the result. So, I sent it as a contribution to a fashion site. Guess what? They published it! My ideas for beating the monsoon blues are – Bring out the colours in your outfits Use popping accessories Wear platform shoes Get fun monsoon gear Keep the makeup waterproof Buy quick dry fabrics Head over to How to beat the monsoon blues like a fashionista to read the full article 🙂

What to Wear to Work – Friday Dressing in India

Friday Dressing is a Western concept. Organisations that have a formal dress code require their employees to wear suits, dress pants, button down shirts and conservative ties. The colours and fabrics are restricted too. I read on smallbusiness.chron.com that less than 9% office goers in the west dress in this sort of attire anymore. In India for most metropolitan cities, the climate itself does not allow dressing in suits and wool blend fabrics for most part of the year! Most organisations opt for a Business Casual dress code. Loosely translated, it means men need to wear full sleeved shirts, formal dress pants, socks

The Linen League

The first time I heard of Linen shirts for men was when I saw a huge hoarding of designer Rohit Bal. This was a few years ago and he was launching or probably endorsing a brand that made linen shirts for men. Up until that point, I only knew of linen as a fabric used by women; that too for extremely casual clothing. That was the first time I saw linen in mainstream fashion. The hoarding claimed exclusivity and the message the ad carried was that you had to be special to be a part of The Linen League! Men’s