Urby Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet #Review

Urby Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet

Urby Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet is one of those products that you wouldn’t think you need before you have used them; and once you have, you wonder how you ever managed without them. If like me, you like to shop hands-free then you probably stuff your pockets with everything from your phone to keys to credit cards to cash to hair ties. Isn’t it a nightmare to get the out cards and cash at the check-out counter? Well, that is exactly where Urby Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet comes to my rescue! It has nifty little holders for your cards and cash and can easily slide into the back pocket of your jeans without adding bulk to it.

Urby Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet

Urby Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet
Urby Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet

What I Liked

  1. As with the Urby Passport Holder, you can personalise the Urby Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet for just INR 150. This is indeed the biggest positive with the Urby products. They make for wonderful personalised gifts. We all know that when it comes to gifting, a little thought goes a long way.
  2. It comes in many different colours ranging from Grey to brown to Red to Pink. I have the Urby Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet in the colour Chic Pink. Such a pretty, feminine option!
  3. The quality of the leather used, the finishing is all great. Once you hold the product in your hand, you can actually feel the quality!
  4. The Magnet Clip is a unique feature that allows you to clip currency notes in the back. The notes will be secured to the wallet but not add to the bulk of it.
Urby Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet
Image courtesy – Urby.In

What I Did Not Like

There is just one thing I did not like about the Urby Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet. It is not handbag friendly for me. I mostly carry large sized handbags with lots of things in them and the wallet kind of gets lost in there! I tried adding it in my larger wallet but that was not such a great idea either. Yes, yes, I know this is not a drawback of the product itself and more to do with how I use it, but the lazy me does not like the need to switch wallets. Minor gripe, but there you are!

I was sent the product by the brand to review. My views are my own and not influenced by the brand. Urby designs and manufactures essentials for an urban lifestyle using the premium materials and fine craftsmanship. By selling directly to customers, the brand eliminates middlemen, offering high quality products at non-luxury prices. You can check out their offerings on http://www.urby.in


Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)