Trip down memory lane – looking back at baby’s brain development with #FeedIQ

Motherhood is probably one of the most celebrated terms in human culture. In all cultures across the world, the mother is the primary caregiver and is expected to do everything right for the child. Each and every little or big thing she does, is going to shape a personality, a life. If that isn’t scary, what is?

When I was a new mother, by the time I came to grips with this idea, my baby was already walking. I kid you not; it took me a very long time to get back into a schedule. During those first chaotic months, I barely got through nap, feeding and changing to think about any things else. I was part of a few online communities that had all sorts of growth trackers and weekly milestones, tips and tricks to boost your child’s growth. It all made my head spin. Back then, I called myself lucky if I was able to shower longer than three minutes. I wondered then, is all this extra effort really necessary?

I knew of course that brain development during pregnancy and the first two years is critical. In fact, 90% of the brain is developed by the age of 2 years. So, focusing on brain development is logically right. That meant being extremely careful about what to eat, when to eat and pass on the best possible nutrition to the baby. There is so much information available to read on the net that mothers today are aware of the importance of brain development and the nutrients that aid it.


I too knew that DHA is the key ingredient for brain cell development and vitamin E prevents DHA from oxidation and lose its potency. I knew all that, but could it have been made easier? I feel that some things have no shortcuts around them. What needs to be done, needs to be done.

However, you can always supplement what you know and years later, I have now come across Feed IQ, a concept where the mother literally feeds IQ to the baby. A baby’s brain development is based on the environment, genetics and nourishment she/he receives in utero and via breastfeeding. The right stimulation i.e. infant brain exercises also boost infant cognition.

If mothers can enhance their breast milk with nutrients, which can aid infant cognition, why not? After all, when you are struggling to get by, every little thing helps. Does it not?


In addition to the nutrition, we also stimulate the baby’s brain by different activities. You do want to play with your new born baby those initial days. I remember both me and the hubby felt such joy when she would respond to us. The games we play with our little ones, like peek-a-boo, calling the child from different parts of the room and having them respond to the voices, rattles, crib mobiles – they all serve as brain exercises for the young ones. I wonder how these games came about. They have been around forever. Did our ancestors know about these benefits? Maybe they did and the wisdom has been passed down as tradition through the generations.

Today, when I look back at my baby’s early pictures, I see a happy child. When I look at her today, I see a happy kid (except of course when the tantrums strike and that folks is a post for another day). That makes me feel we must have done something right. I do hope we continue to.

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This is a sponsored post. I am recounting my experiences and thoughts in this post and that in no way constitutes medical advice. Visit the Feed IQ website to know more and please do get an okay from your doctor before starting any nutrition supplement.

13 thoughts on “Trip down memory lane – looking back at baby’s brain development with #FeedIQ”

  1. Motherhood is probably one of the most celebrated terms in human culture.In all culture across the world,the mother is the primary caregiver and is expected to do everything right for the child.

  2. Your post took me back to the time when my kids were small. As a mom we try to make sure kids get good nutrition. A helpful post for new mom’s.

  3. This is such a beautiful picture, lovely.
    FeedIQ is empowering mothers to give the best to their children without the worry of anything. A balanced approach to healthy start of life.

  4. Your precious is absolutely adorable! I can totally relate to what you narrated about those difficult times juggling life with a new born! It makes sense to use certified nutritional supplements if they will ease your life while enhancing the health of the child. Thanks to modern research and products like SIMIQ, new moms have a great product to take care of their nutritional worries.

  5. First, I love your baby’s picture, Ankita. 🙂 N I agree, motherhood is not a bed of roses, and every little help feels like a blessing. Some of us our fortunate to be blessed with help while some aren’t and if things like supplements can aid us in motherhood, why not? 🙂

  6. So true, nutrition from breast milk along with activities to stimulate brain development should be an important part of baby’s overall development. So happy to know that you feel proud to look back the memory lane. That’s how mothers should feel.

  7. Reading all these posts makes me realise that as moms we have such an important role to play to ensure they are given the right environment to boost the brain development. Beautifully worded post and very informative!

  8. Rightly said, the wisdom for taking care has been passed on since generations. And, its easier now with the FeedIQ concept because all the information is available at one place.

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