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Parenting May 21, 2016

Mothers Day Out – at KidZania

KidZania JAMMs Group

KidZania is a role play based indoor activity centre for kids. It allows children to participate in various activities and experience being an artist, a pilot, a dentist, a fireman or even a dabbawala! The Mumbai centre was running a promo on Mother’s Day. As a special treat to the mommies, they were allowing the mommies to participate in activities with the kids. They invited a few Mommy bloggers to participate in the celebration by becoming an intern with their…

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Parenting April 17, 2016

Curious Cobo – An Activity Box for Kids

Curious Cobo

My daughter’s summer vacations have begun and her school is being renovated. So the classes will resume in July instead of June. To top that, her day care has ended. Ended for good. The reasons for that are for another post but at this point of time, I am desperately looking for activities to keep her engaged and away from the TV for the whole day! At such a time, when I learnt of Curious Cobo, I was more than…

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Lifestyle Parenting November 24, 2015

I Confess

The Kiss of Love

I confess to letting my kid watch TV everyday….. I confess to letting my kid stay up late…. I confess to leaving her in the care of others while I go out…. Before you judge me for being a bad mother- I confess to letting my kid watch TV at the dinner table so she can eat with the rest of the family. I confess to let her stay up late every day so she can play with her father…

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Lifestyle Parenting November 20, 2015

Why Aren’t They Telling That?

This happened while watching the Chennai floods coverage on TV the other night. News: Bad governance in Chennai, areas are flooded, people are in trouble, there is a shortage of food etc etc.  Daughter: Did people die in Chennai? Husband: Perhaps. Daughter: Then why aren’t they telling that? I did not know whether to laugh at my five year old’s exasperation or cry at the macabre expectation she had. One thing I did know though. Our media is extremely insensitive in…

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Favourites Parenting Travel November 8, 2015

Travelling with Young Children

Travelling with Young Children

The first  long flight I took with my daughter was when she was 10 months old. We traveled from Delhi to Singapore and I was alone. I was freaked out and I remember reaching to my friends on facebook for advice. Some of the most solid advice I got was from a blogger friend of mine who I had never met! Over the last five years, we have taken our annual vacations and have had multiple trips to our native…

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