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Travel March 20, 2016

Kerala Vacation Research

Kerala Vacation Diary

It has been over a year since I took my annual vacation to Kerala and I have not yet posted about it. So, I am finally penning down about my journey before the trip fades to a few hazy memories in my head. Kerala Vacation Research – The Pre Planning I call the stage of vague ideas and Research the Pre planning stage. We had taken advantage of an air line offer and booked our Mumbai – Kochi – Mumbai…

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Travel March 14, 2016

Travelling Without My Camera #MicroblogMondays

Ever since I got my DSLR in 2009, I have carried it with me on almost every trip I have been on. I can count on my fingers the few trips that I left it behind home. On every international trip, I have carried it around with me and come back with literally thousands of pictures. So, this time when I took the uncharacteristic decision to leave my DSLR behind, for a trip to Europe no less, hubby was quite…

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Travel March 1, 2016

The Best 10 Resorts In Bangalore For A Team Outing

The Best 10 Resorts In Bangalore For A Team Outing

Team building is very important for any organisation to grow. It is the team that works together for the business of the company and is the team that makes it profitable. So, it is vital or the organisation to create teams that gel well together and have an excellent working relationship. To create rapport and unity among the team members, various companies follow various methods. Some go for team lunches and dinners, some party together and others (according to a…

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Travel December 21, 2015

Tsomgo Lake Gathering

Gathering Sikkim

This picture was taken in Sikkim on the banks of Tsomgo Lake which is at an altitude of 3753 mts. The locals call it Changu lake and worship it as a holy place. In the olden days, Tsomgo Lake was an important stop on the Gangtok-Lhasa trade route between Sikkim and Tibet. It is a popular tourist destination in Sikkim and is not close to habitation today. A three hour ride on a rocky mountain road from Sikkim gets you…

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Travel December 18, 2015

5 Tips for choosing business hotels when travelling for work

Formule 1 Hyderabad 5 Tips for choosing business hotels when travelling for work

As someone who has travelled a fair bit for work in the last few years, I have had my share of learning from each stay. The hotel you choose is extremely important and yet, we do not look at the little things that can make the stay uneventful. Trust me, during business travel, an uneventful stay is a successful stay. So here are my 5 Tips for choosing business hotels when travelling for work 5 Tips for choosing business hotels when…

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