What to Wear to a Beach??? Are you wondering why this question? Well, if you follow me on Instagram (you don’t, oh please do!) then you probably know that I was in Goa since last weekend. We had an extended long weekend out there but I had the hardest time packing for myself. Why do you ask? Let me tell you why!

  • My weight has been fluctuating for the last few months. My clothes could either look horrendously tight or baggy depending on the kind of day I was having. Now before any red signals flash, yes I have gotten medical tests done and nothing came off that.
  • I have been lazy in working out and my body is not in a good shape. I am avoiding any outfits that are knee length or shorter.
  • We were going to a family beach vacation. Complete with my baby and father in law. This meant loads of extra clothes and bags so I did not want to carry too many backup outfits and had to pack smart
  • I realised the extent of my blue-black-white obsession when EVERYTHING i laid out as an option was blue, black or white!
  • Lastly, I did not want pictures in the same outfits as before.(You know we all have that set of vacations outfits? I wanted my vacation pics in new outfits…. vanity alert!)

Packing on the very last day with all these constraints running through my head gave me a massive headache. Off late, whenever I have travelled I have known the exact agenda and have been able to pack outfits accordingly. This time, we had no agenda. I thought of creating a capsule but realised that if I am going to be on the beach then my clothes would get wet and sandy and I would not be able to repeat them. So a capsule was out. Then I thought of what criteria the clothes needed to fulfill:

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