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#AtoZChallenge : Maya Angelou Quote

#AtoZChallenge : Maya Angelou Quote

Today’s authour is Maya Angelou. The Maya Angelou Quote I have chosen is

Maya Angelou Quote
AtoZChallenge – Maya Angelou Quote

Why is it that we like certain people without them having done anything significant for us. On the other hand, there may be someone who has actually made an effort to help us but we do not like them all that much. It could be our colleagues, friends or even relatives. Now think of this, you need some money and approach your friends. They tell you that they would have helped but they are themselves broke. Together, you hatch mad schemes to make money like marrying a rich person to selling a killer startup idea to someone. Your problem is not resolved but you spent a few minutes forgetting that because you laughed and felt light with your friends around. Later, you go and meet a relative; say a cousin. They give you the money but dish it along with an hour long lecture on managing your finances and citing examples of how well they are doing in life; making you feel small. In the back of your mind, your cousin is filed with the “dislike” tag and that feeling stays with you whenever you meet them. Now reverse this. What if someone came to you, what would you be – the friend or the cousin?

Maya Angelou Quote
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