Neha – Yet Another Love Story by Vikram M N #BookReview

Neha - Yet Another Love Story

– Guest Author Naren

A debutant author, Vikram M N says he had been fiddling with the idea of writing a novel for quite some time before he finally wrote “Neha – yet another love story”. The book was written over a two year period.

Plot of Neha – Yet another love story

Viram M N has written short stories earlier and this 115-page novel is really like a longish short story about a one sided (?) love of the author for Neha, and is written in first person. The story is an assortment of day to day incidents that have been put together in an informal manner. The author keeps moving from the present day to past (as and when he remembers something of past) in an attempt to sew the story together. The protagonists are Vikram and Neha, both working in Chennai. Vikram is charmed by Neha – but is not sure of the extent of reciprocation from Neha. However, they are good friends none the less. The plot is really uncomplicated and has only a few characters.  Some text is in Tamil – translated at times to English. I am sure those who understand Tamil will comprehend better.

What I Liked about Neha – Yet another love story

Vikram has written this half fact half fiction in a very simple manner. It almost appears to be the business as usual happenings in the life of a few individuals.

What I Did Not Like about Neha – Yet another love story

The story evoked little excitement for me as a reader. There was no suspense or wanting to read on to find what comes next.  It does not have a strong grip and therefore results in lost interest at times. The author admits to be forgetful and at times one feels lost. The author moves from present to past, sometimes for an unconnected incident. If you do this too often, it becomes a bit annoying.

Final Thoughts about Neha – Yet another love story

Vikram’s first novel perhaps carries the nervousness of the debut. If you have some time to spare and would like to read about a few months in the life of two young professionals in Chennai, you may look at this option. You will find it more interesting if you love English stories that have Tamil verses thrown in between and some bus routes and bus stops in the city.

Disclaimer: LifestyleProBlog was sent the book by the author in exchange for a review. The views expressed are entirely our own

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