Krazy Kids Karnival

Hello mommies, Diwali vacations are just around the corner and along with the end-of-exams relief comes the start-of-vacation worry. My daughter’s vacation is the time I struggle to engage her meaningfully and keep her away from devices and TV. We do go out but once you have seen the zoo, the planetarium, the aquarium and…Continue Reading “Krazy Kids Karnival – a modern day Diwali Mela!”

my hair makeover with BBlunt and JAMMs Blue Black Hair with BBlunt Salon Secrets High Shine Creme Hair Colour

Hi everyone, how have you been? I have been missing for a while from blogsville and the online world in general. Well, life threw a couple of lemons at me and am glad I had people around to help me turn it into lemonade 🙂 So, back in July I had the opportunity to get a hair…Continue Reading “Hair Makeover and Review BBlunt Salon Secrets High Shine Creme Hair Colour”

Why Do We Need Exams in School?

“No exams? What!!! How will we know the progress of the kid?” “Exams must be there to know what the kids have learnt” “I wouldn’t know how my kid is doing unless there are regular exams. Weekly tests, unit tests, midterms must all be held!” When such opinions were put forth in my daughter’s school…Continue Reading “Why Do We Need Exams in School? #MicroblogMondays”