#AtoZChallenge : Virginia Woolf Quote

Virginia Woolf Quote

Today’s authour is Virginia Woolf. The Virginia Woolf Quote I have chosen is

[Tweet “If you don’t tell the truth about yourself you can’t tell it about other people – Virginia Woolf #AtoZChallenge”]

Virginia Woolf Quote
AtoZChallenge – Virginia Woolf Quote

This quote speaks to me becuse I firmly believe that everything starts with one’s own self. Any change that I wish to bring about, I must be the first participant else it is hypocrisy. When we endorse speaking the truth, should we not start with speaking truth ourselves and about ourselves. Even smaller things like embellishing salary, possessions or reducing age by a year or two – white lies if you will, must not be spoken.

If we are true about ourselves, to ourselves and to others, then only we can be trusted to be true about others…

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  1. Such an insightful post, Aditi! And I simply loved the quote! Most of us don’t know ourselves and what we want from life and people around us!


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