#AtoZChallenge : Aristotle Quote

Today’s authour is Aristotle.  The Aristotle Quote I have chosen is: Quality is not an act, it is a habit – Aristotle #AtoZChallenge Click To Tweet   This quote speaks to me because I firmly believe in Quality. In fact, quality versus quantity is always a raging debate in my head. If I have to do a ob, I have to do it well. I have to do it to my satisfaction and uphold my standards of acceptance. I am not a perfectionist by any means, but I do have high standards. By ensuring what I do, in my personal

What is Appropriate Makeup?

What is Appropriate Makeup? I always get miffed by people who judge women based on their choice to wear makeup or not. The feminist in me says that every woman should be allowed to do what she wants. That said, I firmly believe that there is a time and place for everything and anyone exercising a choice needs to be thoughtful about things. This applies to wearing makeup as well. That is why I want to talk about Appropriate Makeup today. I saw an Instagram pic by my blogger friend Zainab who was dressed for a wedding. She said she was

Roles Women Play – Career Woman #WomensDay

In my second post on the Roles Women Play, I want to talk about the role of a career woman. I have shared my thoughts about women at work during the A2Z blogging challenge of professional life. In my corporate career I have come across many women; several of them I like, few I admire, and a handful that I would like to emulate. Julie Woods-Moss is one of the latter. Julie is my boss’s boss’s boss. She is also the CMO of my company and when not travelling, based out of UK. So the opportunities of one-one transactions with

Attention to Detail is Passé and Why it can be a Disaster!

First it was Miss Universe 2015 and then it was Oscars 2016. Two glaring examples of goof ups at a large public event, one that was probably being witnessed by millions around the globe in real time. I did not remember a similar incident in the last few decades of conscious memory and a quick Google search did not reveal anything either. This made me ponder at the timing of these occurrences. Why only recently? Now, I am not pinning the blame for these incidents to human error alone. Mistakes happen and it is alright. However, we used to have